Villa Razzolini Loredan is an ancient structure, included in the catalog of the Venetian Villas, which stands at the foot of the Rocca di Asolo, in the splendor of the Treviso brand.
The Villa, transformed into a restaurant in 1998, is included in the tourist food and wine itineraries of national and international travelers for its elegance and renowned cuisine, but also for its proximity to tourist destinations of great appeal.

Our villa has been renovated with the utmost respect for those who love to give the future what the past has allowed us to have.

The restoration was curated by the arch. Ivano Sebellin, who was able to make all this possible thanks to his professionalism and knowledge of the restoration of old villas.

We, as catering professionals, have tried to make the service suitable for the structure, respecting its features to the maximum.

History notes on a noble Asolan residence

“Taken from the book” Villa Razzolini Loredan “- Paola Asara Mirizzi – Editrice Artistica Bassano)

“Villa Razzolini Loredan rises at the foot of the Rocca di Asolo in the splendor of the Marca Trevigiana, in a cultural and social context influenced by the phenomenon of the Venetian Villas, unique in its kind and peculiar to the Veneto region.
The noble Razzolini possessed the land on which the villa stands since the second half of the seventeenth century, at the center of the estate stood a beautiful dominical house of simple and square structure, with rustic and attached oratory. It was inherited by various descendants of Onorio Razzolini, captain of the Imperial Army of Leopold I and in the second half of the eighteenth century, thanks to the fortunes accumulated overseas, the expansion and embellishment of the fund and the structure began. The primitive characters of the complex were almost completely erased, probably thanks to the involvement of the Venetian architect Giorgio Massari.
Of the three daughters of that Onorio Razzolini who gave luster and elegance to his Asolan home, the only one who remained tied to the paternal villa was Elisabetta, married to Loredan. The second name was preserved at least until the second half of the nineteenth century. The dwelling only underwent routine maintenance work and remained with the Loredans until 1907, when it was sold for 40,000 lire to Count Oliviero Rinaldi, owner of the nearby Villa Rinaldi-Barbini of the same name. At his death the Villa was inherited by his daughter Ines, married to the Venetian nobleman Carlo Trentinaglia, and in 1962 the villa was subjected to the bond of law inherent in the protection of things of artistic and historical interest. In 1970 the owner gave her to her son Giacomo Trentinaglia and then the complex was sold to Dr. Antonio Luca, sole director of the company “Tesi 14”. “

The Villa today

Currently it belongs to the Dussin family, which has engaged in a work of restoration that respects the original features of the complex.